14th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices

Principal author Additional authors Title
Bader Aaron A.R. Akerson, D.T. Anderson, Y. Feng, C.C. Hegna, L.A. Stephey, J.N. Talmadge EMC3-EIRENE simulations of edge configurations in HSX
Brida Dominik D. Tskhakaya Investigation of plasma sheath oscillations
Brooks J.N. A. Hassanein, A. Koniges, P. Krstic, T.D. Rognlien, D.P. Stotler Scientific and computational challenges in coupled plasma edge/plasma-material interactions for fusion tokamaks
Brown B. T. R.D. Smirnov, S.I. Krasheninnikov, T.D. Rognlien Modeling of tungsten dust transport in ITER
Bufferand Hugo J. Bucalossi, G. Ciraolo, N. Fedorczak, Ph. Ghendrih, Y. Marandet, P. Tamain Density regimes in open divertor configuration on WEST tokamak
Bykov A. V.Yu. Sergeev, B.V. Kuteev A simple hybrid model for SOL, pedestal and core tokamak plasmas
Callen J.D.
Pedestal Structure Without And With 3D Fields
Chang C.C. Y.Nishimura Edge particle and heat transport in stochastic magnetic field
Chankin Alex D.P.Coster KIPP: Kinetic Fokker-Planck Code for Parallel Plasma Transport in the SOL and Divertor
Ciraolo Guido H. Bufferand et al Investigation of edge and SOL particle flux patterns in high density regimes using SOLEDGE2D-EIRENE code
Cohen Ronald M. Dorf, M. Dorr, J. Hittinger, T.D. Rognlien, P. Colella, D. Martin, P. McCorquodale Kinetic Modeling of a Tokamak Edge Plasma with COGENT
Colin Clothilde F.Schwander, E.Serre, P.Tamain Synthetic reconstruction of turbulence measurements by Langmuir probes in the scrape-off layer of tokamaks
Ding Rui Roman Zagórski, Roman Stankiewicz, Guangnan Luo, Jiangang Li Modelling of EAST discharges with graphite wall materials using the COREDIV code
Dorf Mikhail R. Cohen, A. Simakov, and I. Joseph Applicability of the standard approach for evaluating the neoclassical radial electric field in the edge of a tokamak
Eisenstecken Thomas D. Tskhakaya On ion sound speed in a high recycling plasma edge
Feng Yuhe H. Frerichs, M. Kobayashi, A. Bader, G. Kawamura, T. Lunt, D. Reiter, O. Schmitz Recent improvements in the EMC3-Eirene code
Fukuyama Atsushi R. Kanamori Revisit of one-dimensional transport modelling of edge plasma profiles in tokamaks
Gasteiger Markus David Tskhakaya Solution of the electron kinetic equation including inelastic collisions
Guterl Jerome R.D. Smirnov, S.I. Krasheninnikov Hydrogen release from Plasma Facing Components
Guzman Francisco Y. Marandet, R. Futtersack, Ph. Ghendrih, R. Guirlet, J. Rosato, R. Stamm and P. Tamain Time dependent collisional-radiative model for scrape-off layer impurity turbulent transport studies.
Havlickova Eva M. Wischmeier, G. Fishpool Modelling the effect of the Super-X divertor in MAST on transition to detachment and volumetric power losses
Hayashi Nobuhiko N. Aiba, T. Takizuka, N. Oyama Integrated simulation study of ELM pacing by pellet injection in ITER
Homma Yuki Akiyoshi Hatayama Numerical modeling of the thermal force for the kinetic test-ion transport simulation based on the Fokker-Planck collision operator
Hoshino K. K. Shimizu, H. Kawashima, T. Takizuka, T. Nakano, S. Ide Development of the backflow model for impurity exhaust in Monte-Carlo calculation
Igitkhanov Yuri
Runaway electrons in tokamak edge plasmas
Ivanova-Stanik Irena F. Koechl, I. Voitsekhovitch, A. Polevoi, G. Telesca, R. Zagorski, and the EU-ITM ITER Scenario Modelling group Integrated core- SOL simulations of ITER H-mode scenario: effect of pedestal density on fusion performance and divertor loads
Ivanova-Stanik Irena G. Telesca, R. Zagorski, C. Challis, J. Hobirk, C. Giroud, G.Maddison and JET EFDA contributors Integrated modeling of N seeding discharges for JET with ITER-like wall for H-mode and hybrid scenario
Kamiya Kensaku G. Matsunaga, M. Honda, N. Miyato, H. Urano, Y. Kamada, K. Ida, and the JT-60 team Edge radial electric field structure in JT-60U ELM-free and ELMy H-mode plasmas
Kawamura G. Y. Feng, M. Kobayashi, M. Shoji, T. Morisaki, S. Masuzaki, Y. Tomita First EMC3-EIRENE simulations with divertor legs of LHD in realistic device geometry
Kobayashi M. Y. Feng, G. Kawamura Benchmark of Monte Carlo scheme of EMC3 dealing with non-uniform cross-field transport coefficients and implementation in LHD
Koubiti Mohammed L. Godbert-Mouret, S. Ferri, Y. Marandet, J. Rosato, R. Stamm Line broadenings of impurities in tokamak divertors
Landreman Matt F. Parra, P. J. Catto, D. R. Ernst, I. Pusztai Global Fokker-Planck neoclassical calculations in a pedestal
Lupelli Ivan
Symbolic Regression Approach to H-Model Energy Confinement Scaling
Marandet Yannick Irena Ivanova-Stanik, Roman Zagórski, Clarisse Bourdelle, Jérôme Bucalossi, Hugo Bufferand, Guido Ciraolo, E. Tsitrone Self-consistent COREDIV modelling of WEST plasma scenario
Mattia Moreno B. Viola, G. Corrigan, V. Pericoli Ridolfini, R. Zagórski Preliminary comparison of the conventional and snowflake divertor configurations with the 2D edge code EDGE2D
Meier Eric V.A. Soukhanovskii, S. Gerhardt, J.E. Menard, T.D. Rognlien, D.D. Ryutov Multi-fluid transport modeling of NSTX-Upgrade standard and snowflake divertor configurations
Mekkaoui A. V. Kotov and D. Reiter Effect of edge fluctuations on neutral transport and recycling
Monnier Arnaud G. Fuhr, P. Beyer, S. Benkadda, X. Garbet, F.A. Marcus Interaction between Resonant Magnetic Perturbations and Turbulent Edge Plasma with Transport Barrier
Morozov D.Kh. A.A. Mavrin Stability of the radiative mode m=n=0 and density limit in tokamaks
Moulton David Y. Marandet, P. Tamain, Ph. Ghendrih Interactions between turbulence and neutrals in non-isothermal 2D SOL turbulence and implications for gas puff imaging experiments
Paredes A. F. Schwander, E. Serre, Ph. Ghendrih, P. Tamain Numerical modelling of the plasma edge response to a 3D object and application to a Mach probe measurement.
Pusztai Istvan A. Mollén, M. Landreman, T. Fülöp, S. Moradi RF induced and neoclassical asymmetries and their effects on turbulent impurity transport in a tokamak
Pyy T. J.A. Heikkinen, S. Janhunen, T.P. Kiviniemi, T. Korpilo, S. Leerink, P. Niskala Ion orbit loss effect on tokamak edge radial electric field in the presence of plasma turbulence
Rosato Joel Y. Marandet, H. Capes, L. Godbert-Mouret, M. Koubiti, R. Stamm Modeling of Stark-broadened lines in a fluctuating edge plasma
Rozhansky Vladimir
Drifts, currents, and radial electric field in the edge plasma with impact on pedestal, divertor asymmetry and RMP consequences
Schwander Frederic B. Bigot , E. Serre , Ph. Ghendrih , P. Tamain TOKAM3X linear and non-linear simulations of the parallel shear flow instability in the edge
Seto Haruki Atsushi Fukuyama Two-dimensional transport analysis of core and peripheral plasmas in virtual limiter tokamaks
Sizyuk Valeryi A. Hassanein Integrated multi-scale simulation of tokamak edge phenomena: escaping core plasma particles to SOL and response of plasma-facing components.
Smirnov Roman S.I. Krasheninnikov, J. Guterl, M.J. Baldwin , R.P. Doerner Modeling of hydrogen retention and outgassing from co-deposits with distributed energy states
Stacey Weston M.
Structure in the radial electric field, rotation velocities, density
Stamm Roland H. Capes, M. Koubiti, Y. Marandet, L. Mouret, J. Rosato Stochastic processes applied to the spectroscopic diagnostic of hydrogen in edge plasmas
Stankiewicz Roman Roman Zagórski, Włodzimierz Stępniewski Limit on reduction of the power load to the target plates for DEMO reactor.
Stegmeir Andreas D. Coster, O. Maj, K. Lackner Numerical methods for highly anisotropic diffusion in complex geometry with application to Drift-Wave Turbulence
Takamura Shuichi S. Ono and N. Ohno Modified Power Transmission Factor of Refractory Metals for Plasmas with Hot Electron Component
Takeda Hisato Y.Nakashima, Y.Iida, K.Hosoi, T.Furuta, M.Toma, A.Hatayama, K.Ichimura, H.Ueda, M.Yoshikawa, M.Sakamoto, M.Ichimura and T.Imai Simulation of radiation cooling effets in the GAMMA 10 west end-cell using fluid model
Takizuka Tomonori S. Azuma, A. Fukuyama, K. Shimizu Simple and fast Poisson solver with arbitrary boundary shape and condition for PIC simulation
Tamain Patrick
3D properties of edge turbulent transport in full-torus simulations
Telesca G. R. Zagorski, S. Brezinsek , C. Giroud , I. Ivanova-Stanik, G. Van Oost , and JET EFDA contributors Numerical scaling with the COREDIV code of JET discharges with the ITER-like wall
Tskhakaya David D. Coster and ITM TF contributors Implementation of PIC/MC code BIT1 in ITM platform
Umansky Maxim A.M. Dimits, I. Joseph, T.D. Rognlien Modeling of Tokamak Divertor Plasma for Weakly Collisional Parallel Plasma Transport
Yagi Masatoshi A. Matsuyama, T. Takizuka Simulation study of nonlocal transport from edge to core in tokamak plasmas
Yamoto S. K.Hoshino, M. Toma, Y. Homma, A.Hatayama Systematic Study of Tungsten Impurity Transport in Three Characteristic Regimes of Divertor Plasma
Zagórski Roman V. Pericoli Ridolfini, G. Artaserse, G. Calabri, F. Crisanti, G. Maddaluno, G. Pełka, G.Ramogida and B. Viola TECXY code simulation of the snowflake divertor configuration in DEMO reactor


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