14th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices

The following lectures will be held during the workshop:



Talk title

Jeffrey Brooks

Purdue University

Scientific and computational challenges in coupled plasma edge/plasma-material interactions for fusion tokamaks

James D. Callen

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pedestal Structure Without And With 3D Fields

Kensaku Kamiya


Edge radial electric field structure in JT-60U ELM-free and ELMy H-mode plasmas

Matt Landreman


Local and global Fokker-Planck neoclassical calculations showing flow and bootstrap current modification in a pedestal

Istvan Pusztai


RF induced poloidal asymmetries and their effects on turbulent impurity transport in a tokamak

Vladimir Rozhansky

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Drifts, currents, and radial electric field
in the edge plasma with impact on
pedestal, divertor asymmetry and RMP consequences
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