14th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices


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Invited Talks

I-1 J.D. Callen Pedestal Structure Without And With 3D Fields
I-2 V. Rozhansky Drifts, currents, and radial electric field in the edge plasma with impact on pedestal, divertor asymmetry and RMP consequences
I-3 I. Pusztai A. Mollén, M. Landreman, T. Fülöp, S. Moradi RF induced and neoclassical asymmetries and their effects on turbulent impurity transport in a tokamak
I-4 K. Kamiya G. Matsunaga, M. Honda, N. Miyato, H. Urano, Y. Kamada, K. Ida, and the JT-60 team Edge radial electric field structure in JT 60U H-mode plasmas
I-5 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A. Hassanein, A. Koniges, P. Krstic, T.D. Rognlien, D.P. Stotler Scientific and computational challenges in coupled plasma edge/plasma-material interactions for fusion tokamaks
I-6 M. Landreman F. Parra, P. J. Catto, D. R. Ernst, I. Pusztai Global Fokker-Planck neoclassical calculations in a pedestal
Oral Presentations
O-1 A. Monnier G. Fuhr, P. Beyer, S. Benkadda, X. Garbet, F.A. Marcus Interaction between Resonant Magnetic Perturbations and Turbulent Edge Plasma with Transport Barrier
O-2 M. Kobayashi Y. Feng, G. Kawamura Benchmark of Monte Carlo scheme of EMC3 dealing with non-uniform cross-field transport coefficients and implementation in LHD
O-3 S. Takamura S. Ono and N. Ohno Modified Power Transmission Factor of Refractory Metals for Plasmas with Hot Electron Component
O-4 P. Tamain H. Bufferand, G. Ciraolo, C. Colin, Ph. Ghendrih, F. Schwander, E. Serre 3D properties of edge turbulent transport in full-torus simulations
O-5 G. Ciraolo H. Bufferand et al Investigation of edge and SOL particle flux patterns in high density regimes using SOLEDGE2D-EIRENE code
O-6 W.M. Stacey Structure in the radial electric field, rotation velocities, density
O-7 Yu. Igitkhanov Runaway electrons in tokamak edge plasmas
O-8 R. Cohen M. Dorf, M. Dorr, J. Hittinger, T.D. Rognlien, P. Colella, D. Martin, P. McCorquodale Kinetic Modeling of a Tokamak Edge Plasma with COGENT
O-9 A. Mekkaoui V. Kotov and D. Reiter Effect of edge fluctuations on neutral transport and recycling
O-10 F. Schwander B. Bigot , E. Serre , Ph. Ghendrih , P. Tamain TOKAM3X linear and non-linear simulations of the parallel shear flow instability in the edge
O-11 M. Dorf R. Cohen, A. Simakov, and I. Joseph Applicability of the standard approach for evaluating the neoclassical radial electric field in the edge of a tokamak
O-12 I. Ivanova-Stanik G. Telesca, R. Zagorski, C. Challis, J. Hobirk, C. Giroud, G.Maddison and JET EFDA contributors Integrated modeling of N seeding discharges for JET with ITER-like wall for H-mode and hybrid scenario
O-13 V. Sizyuk A. Hassanein Integrated multi-scale simulation of tokamak edge phenomena: escaping core plasma particles to SOL and response of plasma-facing components.
O-14 E. Havlickova M. Wischmeier, G. Fishpool Modelling the effect of the Super-X divertor in MAST on transition to detachment and volumetric power losses
O-15 H. Bufferand J. Bucalossi, G. Ciraolo, N. Fedorczak, Ph. Ghendrih, Y. Marandet, P. Tamain Density regimes in open divertor configuration on WEST tokamak
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