14th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory in Fusion Devices

The following topics are intended to be covered by invited and contributed lectures:

1.Basic edge plasma theory

1.1.Magnetic boundary structure including magnetic stochasticity

1.2.Sheath effects

1.3.Edge transport parallel and perpendicular to magnetic field

1.4.Electric field effects

1.5.Instabilities and turbulence

1.6.Neutrals and multi-ion theories, radiation

1.7.Plasma detachment including cold and dense buffer plasmas

1.8.New edge-relevant numerical and computational methods

2.Models of special phenomena and edge control

2.1.Hot spots, radiative cooling

2.2.L-H transition, blobs, ELMs (including control) and pedestal structure.

2.3.Flow patterns, momentum transport, and impurity retention

2.4.Biasing and shaping of targets

2.5.Dusty effects

3.Integrated edge plasma modelling

3.1.Kinetic and Monte Carlo codes

3.2.Multi-fluid codes

3.3.Effects of plasma edge/core coupling

3.4.Validation of edge plasma theories

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